Roads and Bridges

The area is readily accessible. In section A there
are scenic hike and bike paths on the east as
well as on the west side of the river. The two
sides are connected with suspension bridges via
Korallen and Notören.

There are plenty of parking space on both sides
of the river.

Here are eight windbreaks for our customer’s
protection and two barbecue pits.
Tables and benches are placed on several
scenic places.

During the fishing office’s open hours you can
freeze your catch, and the area assists with
packing material.

From us you can rent rapid boats (rowing
boats), suitable for two persons.

Restaurants & Hostels
There are several eaters in close proximity to
the fishing area where you can have everything
from breakfast and lunch to complete confer-
ence events.

Fishing equipment

At the fishing office euipmnet can be bought with fair prices.
There is also euqupment to rent(Rod Westin 10,3fot and Okuma ceymar 55 ).
At teh Fishing camp there is also a possibility to rent it.
At the Fishing Office we can also support with small repairs

Weather and catches

On our Webpage there is daily info about wether condittiosn and catches from prviosu daysCmaping,

Hotels and B&B

Within walking distance there are
hostels, hotels and camping with cabins as well
as trailer and tent parks.

A bit further away is Älvkarleby manor, Sågarbo manor and Rullsands camping.


There is possible to aggree on guiding if you wnat


Our fisketillsynsmän are happy to support you with methods, good places for fishing etc.

The river

The level of water can change over the day and week, so all data need to be taken with some

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